From Alkurah to Sol, two universes are at your dispostal! Be a Martian, a Belter, or Earthling, the choices are yours and they will have consequences! Join Salty Gaming where you can find friends and various other games, including ARK, 7 Days to Die, Minecraft and more to play!

  • 50 Player slots total!

  • Server is made to be more challenging!

  • Over 30 Planetoids to settle on!

  • Scripts Enabled

  • Two Universes connected by a wormhole!

  • No wipes (unless forced to)

  • MultiGrid Projector Support


!kit Basic - Ore to help you get you started, only redeemable once a day !kit Survival - 10 Medkits, 10 Powerkits, and an empty bottle of hydrogen and oxygen to fill! !kit Tech2x - 1kk Credits for 25 Common Tech !kit Tech4x - 4kk Credits for 25 Rare Tech !kit Tech8x - 10kk Credits for 25 Elite Tech !kit TechBundle - 13kk Credits for 25 Common Tech, 25 Rare Tech, and 25 Elite Tech !kit Core - 200kk Credits for an Impossibility Core !kit ZoneChips - 2kk Credits for 10 Zone Chips

GPS - Block Limits

Main Grid Rules

All blocks must abide by our block limits. In addition, our auto cleanup will delete any grids that meet any the following conditions:
  • Blocks on the grid owned by "Nobody"
  • Grids with "Grid" in the name. (Includes anything with letters G-r-i-d in that sequence)
  • No Beacon Block placed on the grid (unfinished/1 steel plate is enough)
  • Grids less than 20 blocks
  • 50k pcu limit per grid
Block LimitationsTo reduce strain on the server, we have placed restrictions on certain blocks, either by Player or by Grid. Both player and grid limits apply at all times. The count for these limitations are used by all blocks of their type (Elite Refinery counts the same as a Basic Refinery). If a player is not online for7 days, any grids that they are the main owners of will be Hangared (up to a total of 500k pcu).


While we strive to keep the community from being a pay to win situation, we do offer some perks for those that help to support the server.

Bronze: 4,000,000 Credits
Silver: 15,000,000 Credits Gold: 30,000,000 Credits Platinum: 45,000,000 Credits Diamond: 60,000,000 Credits
Credits are delivered upon signing up as a Patreon as well at the beginning of every month
Bronze Kits !kit BICore - 150kk Credits for a Impossibility Core
Silver Kits!kit SICore - 125kk Credits for a Impossibility Core
Gold Kits (and above)!kit GICore - 100kk Credits for a Impossibility Core


  • Be respectful to all players and staff. Staff are volunteers. If there is an issue you need staff to look into, please submit a ticket.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help, but don't beg
  • Clang happens (all hail Clang!) and things break. Admins will not spawn stuff in for you unless it was an issue with the server itself (and not user error) so blueprint everything!
  • No Advertising, Cheating, or Griefing.
  • Lag Generators are completely forbidden. Using the mechanics of the game that cause lag should be used with consideration. This means turn off your projectors when not in use!
  • Do not strain the server, either through heavy scripting or insane builds. If a staff member approaches you about one of your builds, cooperate or it will be deleted without compensation. (No Piston Drives, Clang Drives ect…)
  • One base per planet per Faction. Mobile bases do not fall under this category, only ones set as "Station". All Factions must have at least one static grid somewhere in the universe
  • All Grids must be named (auto-deletion of default named grids happens every hour)
  • All Grids must have a beacon, does NOT have to be completed.
  • No bases within 10km of each other.
  • All static grids on planets or within a planet's gravity well must have a beacon or antenna broadcasting its location at a range of 2x the largest range weapon they have or 10km, whichever is larger
  • Grids are stored in hangar after 7 days of inactivity (maximum 500k pcu)


Regarding Wars
  • you cannot use the Quantum Hangar to hide loot when you are offline during an active War
  • suit antenna must be on at all times
  • before an Active War, both parties must submit a ticket indicating the following:
Factions Involved:
Start Date:
Rules of Engagement:
End Trigger:
Regarding Piracy
  • offline players are not valid targets
  • combat logging is prohibited. After the first shot or after a formal declaration in global chat, combat is considered initiated. Should a player logoff, the attacker may continue at their own discretion
  • attacking the same player/Faction continuously is considered griefing
  • Static/Station grids are off limits for any acts of piracy. If it has thrusters or a jumpdrive, it is not considered a static/station grid.
  • once surrender is declared, it must be accepted and cannot be withdrawn
  • should a player surrender, attacker may board and loot resources. Grid must be left intact.
  • you are not permitted to have any PvP action within 5km of trader/wormhole safe zone
  • admin tribes can defend themselves if targeted but cannot initiate piracy