Mom, wife, and gamer but most of all best friend. Been gaming almost a full year now! Horror streamer at first but primairly a survival gamer. Will play most of anything as longs as its multiplayer. Family oriented but mostly mature content! Gotta love snacks I talk about snacks a lot!

What Is there to say about Movo.

She is just an absolutely fantastic, amazing streamer. She takes care of you, is there for you and is an amazing support for all of her community.

Family friendly and christian and is just an absolute blast to be around.

If you haven't checked her out yet what are you waiting for?

I am a variety streamer. I enjoy many different games and will stream just about anything. Born in November of '97. I am a member of the US Army. I am Norse Pagen, which is the reason my channel is branded around Viking themes. I've been streaming since June 2022 and became affiliate in July of 2022.

Gamer, Weeb, and Animal Parent Legally Blind GamerHe/HimLets talk about anime!

Hi! I'm a fulltime musician residing in Sweden! My streams will be mostly in English however! I will be playing anything ranging from Ark, The isle, Phasmophobia, Overwatch and more! I will also be doing streams with friends, hope to see you in stream!

Welcome to the Watson Army! Like and Follow for funny / competitive gameplay. Love playing with viewers so shoot me a message