Salty Gaming started as a Ark: Survival Evolved community, and now has grown into much more!

With 1,000+ members in our discord, we always have fun things going on!

You need to swing by and check us out! In our discord you will find our ever growing list of games, discord games, private temporary channels for you and your friends to hang out and much much more!

Captain Peeples

Hello! Online I go by the name Captain!

I am a Airline pilot which means I travel for a living! I am married, have two boys, a dog and a horse. All of this does not have much time to play games now. Specially time sucking games like official ark. Thus the creation of "Salty Gaming" its boosted rates, and its quality of life mods.

I have been playing games since PlayStation 1 came out when just about all there was to play was Crash Bandicoot. Throughout high school I developed my love for FPS shooters including COD, Battlefield, Counter Strike. Half Life 2 and so on. I still play COD but have also branched out and play games such as Rust, Ark, Apex, PUBG, EFT and much more. One of my favorite (Its a love/hate) games to date is Ark Survival Evolved. With all my accounts combined I have over 10,000 hrs including both official, un-official and ADMINing.